Coyote Rollers


The rollers spin when an animal must use their front feet to pull themselves up and over a fence. If your pet is getting out this way, they may work for you!

For all purposes, whether keeping Coyotes out or dogs and cats in we recommend your fence be a minimum of 6 feet tall. They have been successfully installed on lower height fences for keeping pets in. Every situation is different. Understand how the rollers work and how your pet tries to get out of the yard.

The Rollers will work as designed as long as the animal must use the top of the fence with their front feet as leverage to pull over.

Review your fence area for other objects on/near your fence that can be used by pets to push themselves over.

We strive to maintain a 3-5 business day average time-to-ship on Plain Aluminum items. Powder Coated product may take up to 2 weeks to ship. We keep you updated on status.

We ship primarily UPS Ground throughout the USA and Canada. We cannot ship to PO Boxes. 

All Rollers are 4ft long. You are able to cut them down to size, on site, during your installation, to fit any fence lengths you have.

There are some instances where people prefer to install them at a right angle to the fence to keep cats in a yard. Every situation is different.

Some of our Brackets will accommodate this. If you will need different hardware than normally comes with the Bracket, please inform us and we can switch out the hardware for your fence needs. (ie: Mason wall brackets can be requested with wood screws vs anchors)

We offer 7 bracket styles because there are so many different fence types out there.

Here is a page that will let you see the fence with the suggested bracket.

If you’re still not sure, send us a photo of your fence. 😊

Rollers come with end caps preinstalled.

When ordering a complete kit, Brackets will come along with Rollers & End Caps.

When ordering individual Rollers, please be sure to also order the amount of Brackets you need for your fence application.

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